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EARTHCARE Eco Kids meet on weekends, learn about issues then go on a FUN field trip to reinforce the issue of the day.
We are proud to boast that 85% of our students and volunteers are female.We really want to continue this exciting program. Many of our female students have gone on to become environmental professionals coming home after college to assist with conservation efforts in the Bahamas. EARTHCARE is an environmental education NGO (non-governmental organization) that works on current environmental issues facing the nation of the Bahamas and the World. Members visit schools to inform students and teachers about issues affecting the environment. Our mission is to empower students and teachers to get involved and be proactive with their voice. We encourage them to write to the Government of The Bahamas and express their views on current environmental issues. Specific topics that we constantly cover include Pollution, Climate Change, Habitat Destruction, Sustainable Fisheries, Humane Treatment of Animals, Invasive Species among others.


Grand Bahama Island Sea Turtle Awareness Campaign

This campaign implemented awareness programs in many schools on the island of Grand Bahama. At the time of our grant application, our government had promised that the current legislation that allowed the harvest of sea turtles would be changed on April 1, 2009 to ban the harvest of sea turtles. Unfortunately, the laws were not changed. Conservation groups increased efforts to demonstrate that Bahamian citizens supported a ban on sea turtle harvest so that the Bahamas can be considered an ecotourism destination. EARTHCARE made numerous presentations and distributed printed materials in 33 schools, colleges, universities, and libraries on Grand Bahama (and one on New Providence island), networked with teachers, and encouraged students to write to the Ministry of Fisheries. Thankfully, the Bahamian government listened and implemented legislation to ban the harvest of sea turtles on September 1, 2009.


Save Bimini

 For over a decade, various NGOs and interested parties have been trying to stop or minimize the impact a mega-resort development is having on North Bimini, a very small island in the Bahamas. At one point, the development site was slated to become a Marine Protected Area (MPA). With funding from the Global Greengrants Fund, this project hoped to start legal action to stop, slow down, or minimize the detrimental effects the development is having on critically important mangrove nursery habitats in the North Sound lagoon. As funding has become temporarily unavailable, the project activities have stopped.


EARTHCARE Marine Pollution Prevention Mural/Literacy Contest

EARTHCARE and The Ocean Conservancy visited ten high schools on Grand Bahama Island, where educational brochures about preventing marine pollution were distributed to all of the students. Each school was asked to submit a mural which would depict why we should prevent marine pollution, and individual students were invited to submit essays, poems, and songs on the same topic. The winning schools received computers and gift certificates for educational supplies.