Save Bimini

Project Title: Save Bimini

Project Country: The Bahamas

Survey Completion Date: November 17, 2006 

Organization(s) responsible for the project: EARTHCARE
   This organization supports graduate-level research projects and accept project volunteers

Project Director: Gail Woon

Mailing address:  P. O. Box F 40064

City, State, Country:  Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas
Tel:   242 374-4945  Fax:  N/A

Web site address: |

 Project summary:  Various NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and interested parties have been trying to stop or minimize the impact a mega-resort development is having on a very small island, North Bimini for over a decade.  The site was slated to become a Marine Protected Area (MPA) at one point.  With funding from Global Greengrants Fund it was hoped to be able to start legal action to stop, slow down or minimize the detrimental effects the development is having on critically important mangrove nursery habitats in the lagoon called North Sound.

Geographic coordinates of the project site in latitude and longitude:

·        26.659447,-78.52065


Principal project objectives:  1.  To form a company:  Save Bimini Association Limited.  2.  To initiate legal action against the mega-resort development.

 Project Began: October, 2005

Project Concluded: October, 2006


1) Global Greengrants Fund

Annual project budget, in U.S. dollars: $2,500.00

Principal accomplishments to date:

Save Bimini Association Limited, company was formed.

Anticipated accomplishments for the next year:

  • N/A  Project is concluded.


Project’s monitoring and evaluation methodology:

  • We had to rely on advice from the attorney.

Lessons learned from at least one year’s work on this project: 

The biggest lesson we learned is that you must have a big war chest of money to litigate.  We are waiting for final judgments from the Supreme Court on a similar case, Save Guana Cay Reef to see how to proceed from here.


Project Conclusions/Final Thoughts:  We must raise more money for a legal fund in order to continue.  Without local support, the efforts are not going to succeed.


Web sites that have further information about this project:  

1)  Save Bimini Association - Site designed and written by native Biminites, in English.

2) Save the Bahamas Coalition - Site designed so that viewers may take action via email or snail mail; has a page for children, in English.

3) Earth Action Network - Sample letter to  protest Bimini Bay project, in English.

4) Mangrove Action Project - Informative site dedicated to mangroves with link to letter writing about Bimini Bay, in English.

5) Tourism Concern - Site about fighting exploitation in Tourism, Bimini campaign link, in English.

6) PEW  Institute for Ocean Science - Site with article about saving the marine life of Bimini, in English.

7) Miami Beach Rod & Reel Club - Sample letter to write, in English.

8) Global Response - Site with several ways to help Bimini, in English.

9) Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism -  Action Alert for Bimini, in English.

10) Lynn Cherry (Author) - Famous Children’s book author’s website for children regarding Bimini with several ways to help, in English.

11) Bimini Biological Field Station - Web site about the Biostation in Bimini, in English.


Reports & Studies Related to Project:  

  Bahamas Journal of Science Volume 9, Number 2, May 2002, “Bimini Special Issue” available from:  Bahamas Journal of Science, P. O. Box N-9240, Nassau, Bahamas, email:  In English.

Project's main focus:   Costal Resources Management, Habitat Conservation & Management, Legal Issues, Mangroves