Marine Pollution Prevention Campaign

Project Title: Marine Pollution Prevention

Project Country: The Bahamas

Survey Completion Date:  2003

Organization(s) responsible for the project: EARTHCARE
   This organization supports graduate-level research projects and accept project volunteers

Project Director: Gail Woon

Mailing address:  P. O. Box F 40064

City, State, Country:  Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas
Tel:   242 374-4945  Fax:  N/A

Web site address: | 

 Project summary:  EARTHCARE with funding from The Ocean Conservancy visited ten high schools on Grand Bahama Island, where educational brochures about preventing marine pollution were distributed to all of the students. Each school was asked to submit a mural which would depict why we should prevent marine pollution, and individual students were invited to submit essays, poems, and songs on the same topic. The winning schools received computers and gift certificates for educational supplies.

Principal project objectives:  To have students think of ways to communicate the concept of Marine Pollution Prevention.

 Project Began: 2002

Project Concluded: 2003

Funder(s):  The Ocean Conservancy

Annual project budget, in U.S. dollars:  $10,000.00

Principal accomplishments to date:  The schools on the island were given presentations and students invited to participate in a mural, essay, poem and song competition.  The winning schools received computers for their Art Department.

Anticipated accomplishments for the next year:

  • N/A  Project is concluded.

 Project’s monitoring and evaluation methodology: Judges from the community decided which schools would receive the top honours.

Lessons learned from at least one year’s work on this project:  There are a lot of talented young people on the island.

Project Conclusions/Final Thoughts:  This project is worthwhile to be done again.

Report Details

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Project's main focus:   Marine Pollution Prevention